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utter fail!

2009-05-02 19:20:39 by CrisisSound

Well. Things have gotten pretty bad around the studio, now that the main synth is busted, Im not going to be able to post any music for a while. DX! The only reason this is being posted is because I'm using MAC at an airport in montgomery, in my dads office. But, Please, Leave reviews and comments on songs, Also, New song, "Symphony of a SuperNova" will be posted as soon as my drive is replaced. Fortunately, I SHOULD have a warranty on it, So it won't take long for me to get up and running again. But in the meantime, this has been declared an Utter fail. Please, PLEASE! Hope and pray that thing gets up and running again soon! It is kinda hard to go without my microsoft works, so planning is almost entirely manual now. I HATE that little blue book. Also, if this doesn't resolve soon, I WILL HAVE A PERMIT TO FAIL. But, Again, Pray for meh, I really hope this resolves soon, I also realized, eMacs rule. If that new drive comes in, I can already see the mailman, rubbing it in my face. " Your shipment of fail has arrived'. I hope the drive wont be tottally F***king cheap, To the point it blows up in my face. Again, Before I go, Pray that the drive works well, and long.

My shipment of fail. Has arrived,

Banner Services

2009-04-18 22:48:43 by CrisisSound

New! Banner creation services are availible.

Banner- 770x70- 1.00
Review stamp- 1.00
User Picture-5.00

Each Service is free the first time you order it. You can get one of the selections for free if you are a first time orderer. If you have used this already, The prices above take effect.

Make a comment with the following format to order-
<Banner, Stamp or Picture> <Specified size>
<Backround Color>
<Foreground elements>
<a dditional Touches>

Thank you for choosing CRISIS STUDIOS.

Song Series

2009-04-18 18:01:59 by CrisisSound

\:.Death Factory.:/= Lanthinide Series(coming soon)
/-Acidite-\= Actinide Series
**_/Impulse 101\_** Rare Series(Coming soon)