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In Utero In Utero

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A triumph in the truest sense of the word.

This game was awesome, very well thought out. I have a few suggestions, But just suggestions. The game was awesome.
1.Decrease the spawn amount of enemy's in the level.(Gets very confusing.)
2.Make the foreground more noticeable.(I kept slamming into random objects.)
3: Mehbeh one more upgrade(It'd be nice to have an explosive to take out multiple enemies)
4:Longer (Short, but sweet.)

I had the same issue as the dood below me, at first, hard as hell, But as i got used to it, It became easier, and more fun. Keep up the good work bro.As a side note, I am an audio artist, feel free to use any of my songs, :3
Again, good work bro.

- CrisisSound

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FetusFulp responds:

all right, thanks for the suggestions. i'll check out your music, too. :3