Entry #14

Holy Fu*k

2011-01-23 17:40:57 by CrisisSound

The True Song of the South has over 11k downloads.
I am still trying to comprehend this...


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2011-01-23 17:52:05

If you're gonna self-censor, you have to do it right.

You censor the first vowel of the swear word, unless you're saying n****r, then you censor everything but the first and last letter.


2011-01-23 17:52:45

As of now, it's accumulated 1,127 listens and 11,441 downloads.

The number of downloads is more than ten times the number of listens...



2011-01-23 17:53:34

But that is crazy. 11,000 downloads and only 70 votes. Me not voting 5 on it made it lose points.


2011-01-23 18:14:13

Yea, kinda fishy how you have more downloads than listens, you do have to visit the page to download it >_>, unless you've been spamming download yourself...